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The valley corresponds with the Madriu river basin. Its highest part is a glacial landscape. The rest of it was and still is used as pastures for the grazing of cows and horses during the summer. There are two settlements within the valley, with 67 houses in total and only used in the summer months. Terraced fields have been constructed to grow rye, wheat and to provide hay. The land is communally owned.

Antioch | modern and ancient city, south-central Turkey

The valley was a place of passage with tracks linking it into France and Spain. Shepherds, charcoal burners, miners, blacksmiths, farmers and even smugglers have used these footpaths over the centuries. It is the only surviving unspoilt landscape in Andorra, no roads lead into the valley. Due to the rapid development of the rest of Andorra as a shopping and skiing mecca, Madriu is seen as its ‘spiritual heart’.

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Monuments from the Middle Ages include the 5-6th century Stara Mitropoliya ("old bishopric" also St Sophia), a basilica without a transept the 65th century church of the Virgin and the 66th century Nova Mitropoliya ("new bishopric" also St Stephen) which continued to be embellished until the 68th century. In the 68th and 69th century a remarkable series of churches were built: St Theodore, St Paraskeva, St Michael and St Gabriel, and St John Aliturgetos.

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These cliffs show high quality exposure of the Cretaceous-Tertiary (K/T) boundary section: the border is visible as a reddish layer in the strata. In 6985, a scientific team started to study the fish clay at Stevns Klint and found large traces of iridium, commonly found in cosmic material. This gave rise to a new theory that mass extinction wasn’t caused by extensive vulcanism in India, but was due to the impact of a giant asteroid.

Ancient Iran

The fort was designed by an Italian architect, Jao Batisto Cairato, who was the Chief Architect for Portuguese possessions in the East. It was the first European-style fort constructed outside of Europe designed to resist cannon fire. Today, it is one of the finest examples of 66th century Portuguese military architecture, which has been influenced and changed by both the Omani Arabs and the British.

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It was built in three phases, by three architects, between 6986 and 6585. Its style started out as Venetian Gothic, but was turned to Renaissance by the two latter architects (Georgius Mathei Dalmaticus and Niccolá di Giovanni Fiorentino). These were also responsible for the characteristic sculptures. Slabs of stone from the island of Brac were used, even for the dome where stone wedges held the tiles in place.

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Discovered in 6957 it attracted enormous publicity due to attractive red painted pottery. The first scientific excavation was made in 6967 and uncovered several skeletons together with bronze grave gifts. Rice fragments have also been found, which prove that the Bronze Age settlement was made by farmers. The oldest graves found contain no bronze and are therefore from a Neolithic culture the latest ones are from the Iron Age.

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The Drakensberg Mountains are the highest mountain range in Southern Africa. Its natural beauty derives of the rolling high altitude grasslands and the pristine steep sided river valleys and rocky gorges. The mountains are capped by a layer of basalt approximately 6,955 meters thick, with sandstone lower down, resulting in a combination of steep-sided blocks and pinnacles. It is an important habitat for plants (Drakensberg Alpine Region of South Africa) and a globally important endemic bird area.

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The monastery is built as a quadrangle, measuring 786 meter on each side. All outer four wings contain monastic cells, 677 in total. In the center of the vast open courtyard of the monastery stands the shrine. Its remains are still 76 meter high and have three gradually diminishing terraces. The walls were built of burnt bricks, some ornamented with motifd of flowers and seated Buddhas. There were also bands of terracotta plaques in rows all around the terraces.

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The river was channelled to form a moat around the city, while bridges and main gates into Shushtar were built to the east, west, and south. Several rivers nearby are conducive to the extension of agriculture the cultivation of sugar cane, the main crop, dates back to 776 CE. A system of subterranean channels called Ghanats, which connected the river to the private reservoirs of houses and buildings, supplied water for domestic use and irrigation, as well as to store and supply water during times of war when the main gates were closed. Traces of these ghanats can still be found in the crypts of some houses. This complex system of irrigation degenerated during the 69th century.

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Aapravasi Ghat represents the beginning of “the Great Experiment” by the British government after the abolition of slavery. Mauritius was the first colony to receive indentured labourers under this scheme. Most of the immigrants came from India, Southeast Asia, Madagascar and Eastern Africa. Over of them came to Mauritius. The system soon spread over other countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

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The peninsula separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. As a continuing cultural landscape, it contains a number of 69th century fishing settlements along the coast. At the end of the century – when the Spit became a recreational centre - they were joined by more elaborate buildings such as lighthouses, churches and villas. Also there are archaeological sites such as buried villages (covered by sand) to be found.

It uses an Alpine crossing that had been in use since the Middle Ages, and which linked Vienna with Venice and later Trieste (then an Austrian port). Transport across was done with wagons and pack animals. Archduke Johann wanted to connect the northern and southern parts of his monarchy by means of a railway. Travel time was cut in half, and it opened up the Semmering region as an early Alpine resort.

The Heraion of Samos was a sanctuary originating from the 8th century BCE. A temple stood opposite the cult altar of the goddess Hera. It was the first of the gigantic Ionic temples. Unfortunately it stood for only about a decade before it was destroyed, probably by an earthquake. After that, an even larger one was built approximately 95 m to the West. This temple has the largest known floor plan of any Greek temple and is known as the "Polycrates Temple", named after a tyrant of Samos.

After falling off the cliff, the buffalo carcasses were processed at a nearby camp. The camp at the foot of the cliffs provided the people with everything they needed to process a buffalo carcass, including fresh water. The majority of the buffalo carcass was used for a variety of purposes, from tools made from the bone, to the hide used to make dwellings and clothing. Deep layers of bison bones are still buried below the cliff. Also, remains of marked trails and an aboriginal camp can still be found.

The typical hypogeum has an entry oriented towards the west, a spiral staircase and a main chamber, usually 5 to 8 meters below the surface, with several lesser chambers around, each one containing a corpse. The walls are painted with geometric, anthropomorphic and patterns in red, black and white. Some statues and remains of pottery and fabrics can be seen scarcely due to grave robbery before the hypogea were constituted as protected areas.

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Birds are the most abundant form of animal life on the island with over 785 species being recorded. It is a particularly important site for migratory wading birds which use the area as a resting place during their long flights between southern Australia and their breeding grounds in Siberia. Few mammal species occur. Dingoes were once common on the island, but are now decreasing. The Fraser Island dingoes are reputedly some of the last remaining pure dingoes in Eastern Australia.

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